What I’ve really been wanting to say

Have you ever had so much inside that you wanted to share with others that you felt you might burst? But you knew it was too much to spill in response to a casual, “How are you?” Most people simply aren’t prepared to have you pour out your heart when they were expecting a quick, “Fine. How are you?” in reply. Perhaps after an hour over coffee, you would reach a point in your conversation where you felt comfortable enough to open up, but that opportunity can’t come quickly enough, or often enough.

If you can relate, then you know just how I feel right now, and how I’ve felt for the last couple months. I’m ready to burst. I want to shout from the mountaintops. Except that I’m way too shy to draw that sort of attention to myself. So what is a girl to do? Ha! If you’re a blogging girl, you spill it right here.


What I’ve really been wanting to say is how. . .  God has been working in my heart to have a mind for the least of these. That it’s not just a passing thought that comes around on a Sunday, or after watching a news story about the latest devastating disaster. It’s with me every day and has an impact on countless decisions.

What I’ve really been wanting to say is that. . .  I’ve fallen in love with our daughters that we sponsor through WorldVision. That I can’t open the mail fast enough when I know it’s a letter from one of them. And that I feel like an expectant mother with the thought of sponsoring a son in the very near future. And I cannot wait until Christmas so we can send an extra gift that we know will go directly to them.

What I’ve really been wanting to say is that. . . I am so passionate about child sponsorship that I’ve become a Child Ambassador with WorldVision and I want to share more about the joys of sponsorship and the work of WorldVison, to ask for your support through prayer, and to give you the opportunity to sponsor your own child.

What I’ve really been wanting to say is that. . .  everywhere I turn on the internet I see opportunities to give to ministries that are serving others in the name of Christ. And I’m constantly stretching our budget so that we can give more and more every month. I want to bring these to your attention, too, so that you can join in as you feel led by God.

What I’ve really been wanting to say is that. . . my life has been turned upside down and inside out through Radical by David Platt and through the stories shared by Compassion bloggers. So much so that this once very tied-to-U.S.-soil girl cannot wait to put my arms around dozens of the least of these and I am planning and praying for the opportunity to come.

What I’ve really been wanting to say is that. . . I am looking for friends who will listen and who will join me on this journey. Those who will pray with me and share with me their love for the least of these, who will be open to be inspired and who will inspire in return.

And so, without further ado, I want to invite you to join me each Friday, as I share these words of hope For the Least of These.

Beginning Friday, September 10, I welcome you to join me through comments or a post of your own that you may add to a link-up that I will provide.

You are welcome to share about any topic, as long as it’s focus is on the least of these, and that if it’s a ministry, it is one that obviously works in the name of Christ. I also ask that you help us find one another by including the above graphic in your post; the code is just below.

So, tell me… what is it that you’ve really been wanting to say? And please let me know if you will be joining me in the weeks ahead so that I can pray for you.

In hope and excitement,

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