weekend renewal

Spinning teacups - ShelliBourque

Life spun a bit faster than usual this week. The comfort of control was lost in the dizziness of wanting to complete more tasks than our twenty-four hour days would allow.

By Thursday my flesh was winning. I got mad at another person for their impatience while almost simultaneously displaying my own impatience with something else. We all demand action on that which we desire, and though the desire may be different, the flesh wins when we lose patience. At the close of the day my sin loomed large and I could not deny it was the sort of day that reminds me how wretched I am. The sort of day that makes me appreciate anew the grace given by God and the penalty of death Christ paid for my sin.

I’m seeking renewal this weekend. I’ll be trying to catch up on the tasks that need to be completed, but with a slower pace. My calendar holds time for celebration and moments with friends, and time to refresh with my camera as I attempt to capture the super moon on Sunday night. Most of all, I’ll be living the moments in the constant awareness that it is God who holds all of life in His hand. When life appears to be spinning out of control, He is in control, directing the orbits of the planets and the stars, and my life.

May you, too, find rest in God’s powerful, purposeful, and gracious control of your life. Have a blessed weekend, friends!

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