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Lake Superior waves crashing - ShelliBourque

Decisions. Decisions. We’re making big ones these days. Things have come together so quickly and so smoothly that it seems God-ordained. But when something involves a commitment of time and money, we want to be sure. We’re seeking wisdom in prayer, and would appreciate your prayers today, if you have a moment.

Meanwhile, I received the syllabus for my next class, and whoa, I never saw myself as a seminary girl. The course is Biblical Interpretation, and I’ll be digging into Scripture like never before. I’m nervous about the workload, but so excited about what I will learn. I’d welcome your prayers for this, too, in the months ahead.

So life is gloriously challenging right now. We’re feeling the pressure of the crashing waves and yet still see the beauty of the redemptive backdrop.

After a link hiatus last week, I guess it’s fitting that the reads I have this week are challenging, too.

Three Things You Don’t Know About Your Children and Sex – This message is difficult to hear, but we need to listen for the sake of our children.

Teens and Unrestricted Access: Time to Repent – I give a hearty “Amen!” to this as well. PLEASE read this, parents of teens and tweens, and DO something about it.

The statistics have been published, the literature has widely circulated, the conversations continue, but the issue still doesn’t seem to be addressed with due vigilance. I’m talking about teenagers with unrestricted access on their smartphones and tablets. I give a hearty “Amen!” to Russell Moore’s recent tweet: “I am just stunned by parents who give their pre-teen children iPhones and iPads with unrestricted Internet access.”

When Mentoring Exposes Your Idol of Being Needed – There was a time when I definitely could NOT have been a godly mentor for the very reasons listed in this article. Thankfully, God did a great work in my heart before providing a mentoring ministry opportunity.

Life-on-life ministry comes quite naturally to many of us women as we love to care, nurture, and share emotional intimacy. Yet as in every other relationship, there is danger that I find my identity in mentoring another young woman and so become enmeshed in an unhealthy relationship. My definition of “unhealthy relationship” is a relationship where one of my idols takes the central place that belongs to Jesus. In mentoring, this can happen when my idol of being needed replaces Jesus as what I am worshiping and serving in our relationship.

How about you? Are you facing any big decisions? Are you feeling like you might be swept under by the crashing waves? How can I pray for you?

May you see beauty in your weekend. God bless!

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