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One year after enrolling at CCEF, I completed the final exam for my third class. It has been an amazing year. Every course I’ve taken has been perfectly timed for my life, my counsel to others, and now even for the way I’ll be able to serve my church.

There are times in life when you just feel like you’re walking blind. There are also times when you know you’re walking exactly the path God designed, but it is a difficult path and every step is painful. And then there are times when you know you’re walking exactly the path God designed, but it is so joyous you can hardly keep from running and skipping. Though I’ve stumbled a time or two in moments of difficulty and frustration, I’ve spent the past year running and skipping.

As I fill up my fall calendar with back-to-school activities, football games, counseling meetings, friend gatherings, church fellowship, and my next CCEF course, I am already filled to the brim with excited anticipation. But for the next couple weeks, I’ll be enjoying the quietness of the in-between moments. I hope to finally read that book I’ve had on my Kindle for two months and I expect to give my camera a good workout, too.

I hope your weekend brings rest and renewal. Here are a few good articles to stir your mind:

Four Types of Friends You Need

There are some communities you don’t really have a choice in. You didn’t pick the family you were born in to. You didn’t interview all the neighbors on the block before you bought your house. But you do choose friendships. And because you get to chose them, you have the ability to choose wisely.

Sermons Are Not For Liking

Sermons are not for liking. Sermons are for listening, they are for discerning, they are for applying, but they are not for liking. You don’t get to like or dislike a sermon. We tend to ask questions like, “So how did you enjoy the sermon today?” It is just the wrong question to ask.

Forgiven People Forgive – a modern-day example of Luke 7 and the woman who was forgiven much:

To the extent that we ignore (or run from) our own sinfulness, we will be unable to care for other sinners. We will be unable to extend forgiveness to others until we are honest about the extent to which we are forgiven. The most forgiving people are those who are coming to daily, deeper terms with their own need for forgiveness. Ungracious people are those who haven’t come to grips with their own dire, daily need for grace.

Happy weekend, friends. I hope you are able to capture glimpses of glory in the in-between moments of your life.

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  1. Thanks for including my link! I liked that post on sermons too!