Voices: Choosing Faith in Seasons of Change

Voices of the True Woman Movement

This is the sixth post in a series about Voices of the True Woman: A Call to the Counter-Revolution. Click links to see posts on prior chapters: one, two, three, four, and five.

In the sixth chapter of Voices, Karen Loritts shares about a time when her youngest child was heading off to college and she was facing an “empty nest”. She thought she was well-prepared for this time and was even looking forward to having a new closeness with her husband. Then suddenly, she was caught completely off guard by an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. She was quickly overcome by gripping fear.

While I am still far from facing this particular challenge (though it’s approaching faster than I imagined!), I have known change and I have known fear. Who hasn’t, right?And I have known all the baggage that comes along with fear. As Karen points out:

But let me tell you something about fear. It doesn’t usually come alone. It often brings along its buddies. And throughout the course of this downturn in my emotional strength, I identified at least ten little “fear buddies” that are prone to travel together when we’re in the grasp of anxiety and loneliness.

I know it’s a tease to not share them with you, but I really encourage you to get this book to discover these fear buddies for yourself. I know you’ll be nodding your head in agreement, just as I did.

But this chapter isn’t simply about identifying fear and its buddies. Karen also outlines practical steps to face them victoriously. At the heart of her message is “surrender”. She shares,

I finally had to wave the flag and say, “Lord, I surrender. I submit to You. I know I’m not smart enough to pull this off.” Bending the knee must be our mind-set and heart attitude if we want to conquer fear in our lives.

I find it of no small coincidence that like Hannah, as we discussed in chapter five, Karen found that surrender was the key to victory. Their circumstances were quite different, but God is the same, and humbling ourselves before Him is an act of worship.

I am reminded again and again that to be a true woman of God, I must have a surrendered heart.

In hope,

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