The Place of Possibilities

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Today marks the fourth anniversary of the launch of this blog. Rather than focusing on the growing pains of years past, I’m celebrating the possibilities ahead.

Like a dormant seed bursting forth after a wildfire, a dream that lay dormant for years in my heart cracked open last year after the fiery storm of letting go of another dream. What burst from that seed was my love for biblical counseling. Reflecting on it, I wrote:

This is the place of possibilities. Little delights me more than seeing God’s people grow into the beauty of Christ through sound biblical teaching, discipleship, mentoring, and counseling. Biblical counseling is one of the most personal and focused ways to help another see the words in the pages of scripture come alive, and apply them to her life. Ever since I changed my major from biology to sociology twenty-two years ago, I have had a dream to counsel.

In the months since then, that love has only deepened as I’ve grown roots into fertile soil under sound teaching at CCEF. While the seminary work has been hard after twenty years away from the college classroom, the work of God in my heart has been as Spirit-led as any I’ve experienced in my life. From one course to another, the assignments forced me to reach in the most challenging and fruitful ways.

Through the support, prayers, and assistance of my family and dear friends, I’ve learned that my greatest joy in the service to others is reaching to the hearts of women, helping them change by the grace of God, grow into the image of Christ, and experience the joy of their gospel hope every day.

As I often tell those whom I disciple, “I live this stuff I’m telling you. God is my life; His grace is what changes me. I am jealous for you to know this grace and experience this change into Christ-likeness.”

I have this same jealousy for you.

I want to bring this act of service, this calling, to you in this place. I dream of writing words of hope, words of grace, words of exhortation. Words I hope will encourage you to grow in grace. This is the beat of my heart. This will be the focus of my blog.

I’ve learned biblical counseling is often simply walking along with another person as they grow in Christ. I invite you to walk along with me on this road of possibilities.

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An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.