The Beauty of Bringing Home Beautiful

Sometimes the road toward the least of these is a burden, sometimes it is frustrating, and sometimes I walk alongside those who give me hope. Last week the path took me to something beautiful.

Amber and Seth Haines introduced me to the music of Seth Primm. Speaking of Seth Primm, Seth Haines writes:

He and his wife, Joy, are in an advent-like season of tension. In the process of an Ethiopian adoption, they have made their way to the wait list. Their little girl is somewhere in Ethiopia right now. She has a beautiful face. Her laughter is joyful, her tears real. They were made for each other.

Through this adoption process, Seth has quietly penned some very inspired songs that have become the project known as Bringing Home Beautiful. More than songs for his little girl, the final product has become the soundtrack for the fatherless. And these songs do not come from a kingdom-now do-gooder. Instead, the entire project goes deeper and is well-centered in the metaphor of rescue and redemption. It reminds us that while we were still orphans Christ took us into his family, wrapped us in his family garments.

I purchased the album last week and have listened to it again and again. It is SO good. With lyrics that are worshipful and prayerfully sung, the songs speak of the redemption of the fatherless. Not just physical orphans, but spiritual orphans as well. When I listen to these songs I am reminded of my own need for redemption and my adoption by the Father. Seth Primm recently wrote:

He’s given us, the found ones, the joy of spreading the news about His adoptive heart and desire to bring all His children home.  We show the love of our Father as we love the fatherless.  God’s love is made known in and through His children’s love.  So, we love… we care for… we serve… we adopt… and we share His heart with a world of physical and spiritual orphans.

Bringing Home Beautiful is truly beautiful music with a beautiful message. You can help Seth and Joy bring home Beautiful by purchasing his music.

In hope,

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