Have Camera, Will Travel

After being cooped up all week, I was ready for a little adventure. Along came a beautiful Spring day, so a drive to the water seemed like the perfect way to spend the afternoon. My camera came along for ride, too. And I was a happy girl. Graces abounded. Naturally, I counted them and gave thanks to God. #802 - 823 Spring Break my man and kids home all week cooking on the grill my man for having the idea to hit the road of adventure kids willing to humor their camera-crazy mom lots of smiles surprisingly warm sand walking barefoot in the sand fun … [Read more...]

My Boy

My firstborn will be fourteen this week. It seems only yesterday that I was full with child. I was so anxious to meet him, to gaze upon his face, to hold him in my arms and whisper words of love to him. Now I have to look up to gaze into his eyes. Now his arms wrap around me when we embrace. But my whispers of love will never cease. I love this boy of mine. I love the man he is becoming. And I love his moments of silliness, like this one. He saw me taking pictures of the tulips and he bent down and peeked through them. This is the boy I love. In … [Read more...]