Sweet Identity

This week I attended the Open House at my daughter’s school, where I expected the usual meet the teacher, here are the rules, sign up for conferences, etc., etc. And so it was. The usual. Except that each year the teachers think up some way to get to know the kids by having them make a little project that they display at their desk for their parents. My daughter’s teacher decided to have them write a poem and gave them the first two words (for most of the lines) as prompters. The *usual* about made me cry, because this is what my daughter wrote:


Shy, kind, artistic, Christian, and picky
Sibling of John B.
Lover of cooking, drawing, painting,
Christian songs and bands
Who feels shy, understanding, and energetic
Who needs comfort, understanding, and Christ
Who gives love, friendship, and help to others
Who fears bad dreams, scary movies,
creepy creatures, and rollercoasters

Who would like to see Jesus, Eiffel Tower,
Jerusalem, and heaven

That she identifies herself so much as a Christian just makes this mama’s heart burst with joy.

And because no post is complete without a picture, our traditional first day of school picture:

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  1. Pamela says

    Almost made me cry,too! Isabelle is an awesome, special child/young lady—a testament to her upbringing! And I am not just a biased aunt. It is true.

  2. Denise says

    Well you know that I turned on the waterworks. It just touched my heart. And everything that Aunt Pam said is the truth!!

  3. The Tucker Family says

    What a great blog. I love to find other Christians on here!