Shooting the Moon

I had such a great time in Kent Weakley’s Photo Composition eClass, that I signed up to take his night photography classes as well. I want to learn as much as I can before summer when I know photo opportunities will abound.

One of the primary focuses in the first night class is photographing the moon, especially the full moon. Well, we only get twelve of those a year and the first opportunity might have passed me by had Kent not sent a reminder email to be watching for it. That’s one of the fabulous things about Kent – he doesn’t just throw together a lesson and walk away; he does everything he can to make sure you understand it and aren’t missing opportunities to practice.

Anyway, I packed up my gear and headed out into the cold. Yes, cold. As in very cold. As in we had snow that morning and the next morning cold. Did I mention that I don’t do well in cold? It’s not easy to press the small buttons on a camera when you are wearing gloves. And the wind freezes my brain faster than you can say “ice cube”. Thankfully, I have a remote shutter release or you’d see the blurry evidence of my shivering self in every photo.

So, I took lots and lots of pictures and forgot one of the key settings that Kent had taught: shutter speed. I had it too slow for most of the shots, and just got a big round fuzzy glow. But I did manage to get this one pretty good shot through the trees.

I can’t wait to try again next month when it will hopefully be twenty degrees warmer and my fingers and brain won’t be frozen.

In hope,

Sweet Shot Day

Among a number of  ”wannabe” wishes, I would love to be a photographer. Not a pro. Just a decent amateur. This year
I’m am being more intentional about making that a reality. Linking up Darcy is one way to share my photomaking journey.


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An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Hi Shelli,
    What a nice post. Thank you so much, you’re too kind. Your moon shot is awesome, especially since you added texture and negative shape with the foreground tree. Much more interesting than just the moon.

    And you hit it on the head ~ you need to be ‘intentional’ to make progress. You’re doing awesome!! Hope you warmed up. 🙂 The next full moon will be much warmer, I’m predicting.

    Take care,