Sharing the Hope that is in Me

When I was laboring over this blog, I was trying to come up with a name that was fairly short and catchy, one that expressed my love for the Lord and the hope that I have in Him and for all that He has promised. My husband, clever as he is, came up with Hopefully Devoted. And so that was it; the name says it all.

And that, my friends, is simply what I want this blog to be about: a place where I can share the hope that is in me - the hope that can be found through the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the full blossoming of hope that comes from a relationship with Him.

Through this blog I will share the hope of salvation, the hope of sanctification, the hope of eternal life and of heaven, our eternal home. I will share the hope that is cultivated through fellowship and Godly relationships. I will share the hope that is seen in God’s creative work and in His revelatory work, His Word. And in the midst of this, I will share my testimony, invite you to walk beside me on this journey, and Lord willing, I’ll be able to offer you the hope that you need to give you the courage to take the next step on your journey.

I realize that my purpose is not so different from many other wonderful blogs that may be found, but perhaps God will bring us together at just the right moments in His sovereign plan to use my specific stories to touch you in specific ways.

And as for me, knowing that you are there will give me the courage to press on, to dig deep, and to be real. There will be times of seriousness, and times of silliness; times of joy, and times of tears. If you care to come along, grab your bag of hope, because this road leads to HOME.

And I’ll be overjoyed to already know you when we get there.

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About Shelli Bourque

An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Denise says

    I can't wait to go on this journey with you. I already know the gift you have for writing and you know the hope you instilled in me started my own relationship with Jesus. I'm so proud of you!

  2. Sandy says

    Hi Shelli,
    I'm still here! Thank you for this post!
    Have a blessed week!

  3. Holley Gerth - (in)courage says

    Blessings on your blog, Shelli! I'm praying right now as I type this that God uses your words here in powerful ways!