River-crossing Belief

My Bible reading takes me to the desert wanderings of the Israelites. I wonder at their disbelief, after all they witnessed. The power of God was palpable as they crossed the sea on dry land, as manna rained down from heaven, as water came from a rock. How could they fear crossing another river and entering the Promised Land when God had been so faithful in bringing them out of Egypt?

Yet have I not lived the same? In disbelief when God was showing me the way? Haven’t I held back in fear of the unknown? Of giants of my own imagination?

Yet in His mercy, God teaches us in the desert. And when we have learned, when our faith returns, He leads us to the river’s edge and invites us to cross it again.

It is only in belief that we are allowed to enter the Promised Land. Lord, strengthen my faith.

Ever grateful to Him. Counting #1389 – 1397

  • school year coming to a close
  • family home with me for the summer
  • working from home and not having to leave them
  • an unexpected invitation
  • watching the garden grow
  • country roads
  • my church (my peeps!)
  • friends who know the story behind the stories
  • arriving at the other side of the wilderness, a joyous time of refreshing

In hope,

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