Hi there {whispered shyly, with head down, hands fidgeting}, I know it’s been a long time. I didn’t mean to let you down. I’m sorry.

Do you forgive me? Did you give up on me?

I know at least one person gave up on me. When you have just a few followers you notice when one leaves and you may even be able to tell who it is. That’s okay. I don’t blame her.

I’ve been remiss. I really am sorry.

I missed you. I kept wanting to be here. Things just kept getting in the way. Lots of things.

Not the least of which was A TRIP TO DISNEY!

We took advantage of the extra long pre-Christmas vacation time and headed down to Walt Disney World for a few days. We had a great time. Disney is our *happy* place. {Nope, it’s not our joyful place. There is a difference! It’s just a great place for our rather serious personalities to have a chance to get silly.}

And, not the least of which was CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS!

I had no idea how devoted bloggers are, writing right through the holidays. Since this was my first Christmas as a blogger, I just was not prepared for that.

We made sure that we were home from Disney for Christmas and we spent Christmas Eve making our Christmas cookies before visiting with Eric’s family. We spent Christmas day with my family. Both days were wonderful.

And, not the least of which is I WORK FULL-TIME

Maybe I never told you that. I am incredibly blessed to be able to work at home, but I do work full-time. And since my work is in my home, it seems that it is always calling to me. I never leave it unless I leave the house. Every few months I put my foot down and vow to just stop at a certain time, but I always seem to drift back and the boundary between work and home gets muddled once again.

And, not the least of which is that I’VE BEEN READING!

Oh, how I have been reading! I love to read. Maybe I never told you that either. I just don’t always make time for it. But I got four, yes four, books for Christmas. I’ve already read three of them and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m working on the last one now. I recommend every one of these:

  • Forgotten God by Francis Chan – I so enjoyed Chan’s Crazy Love that I wanted to read his latest book.
  • Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss – Since I’ve been recording my list of One Thousand Gifts, and already working on choosing gratitude, I expected that Nancy’s book would encourage my efforts. I was not disappointed. Choosing gratitude is really a life-changing decision of the heart; one that honors God in more ways than I had realized.
  • Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller – This was the most serious of all the books, and the most convicting. My eyes were opened to the idols of old testament figures as Keller exposited several passages. And he deftly showed how these same idols are at work today. They may look different, but they are the same.
  • Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst – This is the first book by Lysa that I have read. Her style is very conversational and engaging. {I’ve read the first chapter so far, and I laughed, then cried, then laughed again!} I think I am already more than a good bible study girl, but I always expect to learn something new that will draw me even closer to God. I’m looking forward to finishing it.

Plus I read through the new Bloom book: Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. This book reads like a novel and I could hardly put it down; but it’s a true story. Incredible! Have you joined Bloom? They’re beginning discussion on the new book next Sunday.

And, not the least of which is I TOOK A TRIP TO ARIZONA FOR ANOTHER WEDDING

Yep, I’m becoming quite the frequent flyer as of late. This was a quick in and out trip last weekend, but being the working girl that I am, I lost all my free time for blogging and other things. But a few hours on a plane by myself gave me a lot of time to read and study my memory verses! {And the sunny, 70 degree weather wasn’t too shabby either.}

And, not the least of which is I HAD NO SIESTA SCRIPTURE VERSE TO POST

On January 1 I kept checking The LPM Blog to see if Beth was going to continue it. When nothing popped up, I began speculating that perhaps they were going to delay the start of the new year of memorization until after the Scripture Memory Team Celebration. Finally yesterday, Amanda announced that they would not be doing it this year.

And, not the least of which is I HAVE BEEN STUDYING HARD

I have not given up memorizing scripture. On the contrary I have been pursuing it with greater fervor than ever. I am polishing up on all 24 of my verses for the Celebration next weekend, and I have a plan for this year that I’ll share in a few days {I hope!}

So, that my friends, is my month in a nutshell. It was busy, yet relaxing at many times, and altogether wonderful. Now I’m looking forward to spending more time with you. I have one more *not the least of which* that is probably one of the *most of which* reasons I haven’t been here lately, but I’ll save that for another post, too, since it has nothing to do with what I’ve been doing, just what’s been floating around in my head.

Okay, so I’ve now commited myself to two more posts. So I can’t be remiss anymore.

And now that you’ve forgiven me for my remissness, what have you been up to lately?

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