Redemption from the Storm

Storm Clouds Rising landscape - ShelliBourque

Walking with another person as she grows in grace means that sometimes we will grieve. We will grieve for the one who refuses to see her sin, who fully believes she is the victim of her circumstances instead of recognizing and confessing her sinful choices.

Storm Clouds Rising 2 - ShelliBourque

It means we will grieve for the mom who does not know how the path of life could have led to this painful place, who saw the storm coming but felt powerless to stop the torrent of rain. It means we will now walk with her and help her in the midst of the storm.

Mammatus Clouds scene - ShelliBourque

It means we will come to a place where we must choose to give up or keep our promise to never give up. It means we will walk in faithfulness to our call and learn how to put on the Christlike garment of forbearance instead of walking away.

Storm Clouds at sunset 2 - ShelliBourque

It means we will live in hope that someday eyes will be opened and the wayward will come home. It means that in spite of the fearsomeness of the storm, we will see beauty in it because we trust in the Lord who brings redemption.


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