Playing in the Sandbox

Mesa back!

Yes, I did just quote Jar-Jar Binks. No, it’s not weird; if you’re from my home, that is. Quoting Star Wars and Disney movies, and even the occasional Spongebob, is a daily occurrence around here. As I told a young friend recently, “Welcome to the Bourque nuttiness!”

It is a joy to be back in this space again. Normal back-to-school busyness slowed me down, and then a huge work project brought my writing to a screeching halt. In fact, it brought just about everything in my life to a screeching halt for the better part of two months. Not only did I not have time to write, I didn’t even have time to read my favorite blogs. At one point my blog reader had over 1500 unread posts. It took a lot of skimming and “mark all as read” to clear it out. And it must be cleared out. It simply must. I’m too Type A to not let it be cleared out. And yes, that may be weird.

In addition to consuming all my time, my work project also consumed all the resources in the left side of my brain. Numbers, numbers and more numbers. By the time I completed the project several weeks ago, the left side of my brain was mush, and the right side was craving activity. It begged to be used. And after too many twelve-hour days, a little playtime was sorely needed.

If my blog were a playground, the design would be its sandbox. It’s the place I love to play, the place where my creative juices flow. As much as I wanted to write, I needed to play first. So here we go again. Not a complete overhaul, but some noticeable changes to this little space.

Things moved about a bit, full-width format and a change in colors, inspired by this color palette that I found at Design Seeds, a very cool site devoted to color. Swoon.

Now that I have a freshly designed writing home and the right side of my brain has recovered from neglect, I can’t wait to get back to writing. My mind has been swimming with ideas. If thoughts could instantly be transferred to written words, I’d have dozens of posts written by now. As it is, I am purposely seeking to carve out time in the new year to visit this playground more often. The sandbox has been delightful. Now the swings and slide are beckoning.

In hope,

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An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Welcome back. I love the colors of your new blog. I will have to check out that site, as I am undergoing a little freshen up on my blog as well.