A Little Faux Macro

I have always been fascinated with macro photography. My husband learned a trick to turn a regular lens into a macro lens. It's not very practical, with very limited control over depth of field and focus; but it gave me a few moments of fun. And confirmed that a macro lens needs to be on my equipment wish list. ;) In hope, Shelli … [Read more...]

Praise grows out of God-given perception of reality, a seeing that God is infinitely good and infinitely good to me in Jesus Christ in every circumstance. ~ C. John Miller, The Heart of a Servant Leader: Letters from Jack Miller … [Read more...]

Nature’s Fireworks

Saturday dawned cold and frosty. So I went on a frost hunt with my 50mm f/1.4. The needles of our white pine tree were happy to show off. I didn't notice until processing that I had captured a firework bursting. ;) In hope, Shelli … [Read more...]

Absorbing a Greater Debt

For three weeks I struggle to forgive. Though I know I must, I don't want to forgive; I'm hurt and I'm angry and it's no small offense. My relationship to the offender makes it a 100 denarii offense, hurting my feelings. The news given is a very real 100 denarii debt, making me angry. As the first month of the new year unfolds, I begin to work on our budget for the months ahead. How am I going to cover this debt? This 100 denarii debt? Forgiving is hard when the debt is so great. And I'm glad Jesus knows. … [Read more...]

No Small Offense

It's a mere ten days into the new year when he delivers the news that makes my blood boil hot. Bitterness, that tiny seed that is always delivered in the package of an offense, is finding my heart to be fertile soil in which to germinate. The question churns over and over in my mind: "How do I respond faithfully to this?" … [Read more...]


A night of freezing rain gave way to a day of unseasonable warmth.  I was delighted to capture a few images during the thaw. In hope, Shelli … [Read more...]

The Club Collect

A few months ago I was invited to attend a meeting of our local literary club. It was a special night with women who were mostly twenty to forty years my senior. God had some special messages for me that night. One was in the form of the opening prayer called The Club Collect. Originally written in 1904, this prayer is timeless in its message. Even more meaningful was joining the women in reciting the prayer in unison. KEEP US, O GOD, from pettiness, let us be large in thought, in word, in deed. LET US be done with fault finding and and leave off self-seeking. MAY WE put away all … [Read more...]

My Beloved Cattle

We took a drive to see my cattle. It was the first time I've seen them against a winter's landscape. And I fell in love with them all over again. Their winter wooliness makes them adorable in a whole new way. In delighted hope, Shelli … [Read more...]

A Grandmother’s Love

I think it's impossible to truly understand how much you can love a child until you have one of your own. I imagine the same is true of love for a grandchild. If my grandmother's love for me was any indication, it is a deep love, an encouraging love, a sacrificial love, a thoughtful love, and a joyful love. It is a love I've known well, and one that I am missing today. It feels as if we had to say goodbye much too soon, as the Lord called her home last week. Yet I am filled with hope that it is not a forever goodbye. Until the day we are united again, I will always remember my … [Read more...]