One Thousand Gifts: Stuffed with Fluff

I am a hug fan of Winnie-the-Pooh.

I often feel like a bear of very little brain. When my kids ask a question for which I think they should know the answer, I’ll say, “Think, think, think.” while tapping my head. And I can’t help but giggle when I hear Christopher Robin say, “Tut-tut, it looks like rain.”, while Pooh is pretending to be a little black rain cloud.

What does this have to do with One Thousand Gifts? Nothing, except that my list this week is full of completely unrelated things. You could say it is stuffed with fluff, just like Pooh.

427. being in a silly, old bear kind of mood
428. that bear of very little brain

429. getting my once-every-nine-months haircut

430. friend retrieving our daily Bible that we left at the hotel a few weeks back
431. missing that particular daily time in the Word
432. catching up on two weeks of reading

433. a child getting sponsored!

434. a good middle school open house
435. anticipation of the new school year

436. new job for my husband that is much closer to home
437. him gaining back an hour and a half of commuting time each day
438. money saved on gas and auto maintenance

439. husband canceling (postponing) his next graduate class

440. getting daughter’s bedding for her bedroom redo
441. husband painting her room
442. her making choices to decorate to her taste
443. mom for her willingness to make the curtains out of the coordinating sheet

444. husband for debriefing situations with me when I need it

445. opportunity to reread Radical with Marla and others

446. great responses to my steps out on a limb
447. encouragement from Twitter friends

448. daughter playing with my hair
449. feeling the tension ease as I melt a little with every stroke or the brush and twist of the tresses

450. opening my own little book store

451. a rare gathering of my husband’s family for dinner

452. Five Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter

453. pre-ordering Ann’s book

454. the Compassion bloggers trip to Guatemala this week

In hope,

This post is linked at with the Gratitude Community at Holy Experience as I share my list of One Thousand Gifts.

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