One Thousand Gifts :: Spring

Warmer days, a sun that lingers before bidding good night, grass greening, tree buds swelling.

It’s easy to be grateful during the Spring.

Yet, how often have I taken it for granted? How many times have I not spoken words of gratitude to the Giver of all good things {James 1:17}?

That pattern of sin is broken, as I count up my list of One Thousand Gifts:

260. raindrops on budding branches

261. opening windows to let in warm breezes
262. grass growing
263. and already needing to be cut twice

264. flowers from my man

265. and more flowers

266. sunrise that stuns me with its beauty

267. sunset that whispers “good night”

268. taking a family walk to get our first ice cream of the year
269. enjoying a warm evening while eating a big single scoop waffle cone

270. an evening walk with my girl
271. her wishing to begin her own gratitude list
272. watching her delight over having her own blog
273. redesigning my own, with matching Twitter, Facebook page, and button!
274. knowing it needs a professional touch, but being quite delighted by the creative outlet
275. choosing to persevere and return this place after nearly deciding to let it go

276. daughter holding the same baby doll that she was holding at two years of age in home videos she is watching
277. a very special baby doll named Sarah

In hope,

This post is linked at with the Gratitude Community at Holy Experience as I share my list of One Thousand Gifts.

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