One Thousand Gifts: Seventeen Years

It’s two weeks past our anniversary, but this is the weekend the calendar provides for a little get-a-way.

Just the two of us.

We’ve done this only one other time in all our years of marriage. It’s an odd year anniversary – number 17. Anniversaries five and ten were celebrated at our honeymoon spot, with our children. This year, it just seems right to share some time alone.

In a world where divorce is nearly half as common as marriage, every year is worth noting. Exchanging our vows at 22 years of age, we were told we were too young to make the right choice. We knew better. Many times I’ve wondered how many anniversaries would have to pass by before I could say, “I told you so.” I suppose with a family divorce happening after 24 years I could still be told to hold my tongue. But I know better. And I think after seventeen years, our family does, too.

Ours is not a marriage of feelings alone that is easily washed away.

No, ours is a marriage of covenant. A commitment to one another, a promise made before our God.

He holds us together when the waves of life crash upon us.

And when the world tries to undercut our resolve to remain faithful to one another.

It is in Christ alone that are we able to love.

That we are able to look to the promise of the years ahead.

Remaining firm in our love.

And as I look forward to counting the years ahead, I count the graces of our special time to celebrate the years that have passed:

#398 – 426

Eric, my love

seventeen years of life together

the beauty of our state

and the lake that shares its name

sand dunes

sunny skies

warm breezes

quick-stepping on hot sand

cool shady spots

walking along the shore

water lapping over our feet

sand that squeaks

long drives on country roads

long talks

Amish country

waves and nods from each person we pass

white farmhouses, without driveways


water pump


ice cream that is udderly delicious

traveling off the beaten path

him making me laugh, again and again


spotting dear nearly a dozen times

curious fawn

riding late into the evening

in no hurry to get anywhere

still twitterpated after seventeen years

In hope (and in love),

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