One Thousand Gifts: Setting the Pace

Rearranging our other trees frees up my “Charlie Brown” tree. Perfect for our first Jesse Tree.

It conceals most of the old clock. Time stands still.

And I am not the least bit upset about it. I don’t want to rush through this season of Advent. I want to take it slowly. I want to savor the moments, lest I forget the why of it all.

How can I anticipate the COMING if I’m caught up in frantic doing?

How can I see the MIRACLE if I’m too exhausted to keep my eyes open?

How can I receive the GIFT if I’m overwhelmed with buying gifts?

How can I enjoy the BLESSING if I carry the burden of idols?

How can I recognize the SAVIOR if I seek salvation from anywhere but a manger?

O, to be like the shepherds who were given ears to hear the good news. May I bend low so that I might receive the true beauty of Advent. May I remember the moments of Christ’s first coming so that I might be all the more eager in anticipating His second coming!

So thankful for…
592. Ann Voskamp’s generous gift of a Jesse Tree Advent Devotional Book
593. anticipating counting the days until Christmas with a Jesse Tree
594. quiet moments each day to savor the greatest story ever told
595. a tree re-purposed
596. printer and paper
597. craft supplies ready to be put to use
598. an afternoon to spent crafting with my girl
599. Christmas music playing
600. sun shining
601. ornaments ready to be hung
602. pup finding a cozy spot
603. visiting family on Thanksgiving
604. a wonderful meal
605. a long weekend
606. staying home
607. decorating complete
608. Advent service at church
609. Isaiah 9:6-7
What special plans do you have to savor the Savior this season?

In hope,
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