One Thousand Gifts :: Savoring the Best


The constant tenor and spirit of our lives should be
adoring gratitude, love, reverence, and thanksgiving
to the Most High.
– Charles Hadden Spurgeon

Sometimes I get behind. So many things vie for my attention, and I have to choose the best over the good. Such has been the case with recording my list of One Thousand Gifts. What takes only a moment of time and an alert spirit to notice, requires more time to capture as words and images.

Good is recording my list of One Thousand Gifts. Best has been savoring each one as they grace each day. Moments enjoyed, dreams awakened, disciplines fostered, small things appreciated. All good things come from God. All graces. And to Him I give thanks.

Having to retrace my steps over several weeks of thanks-giving has brought a new delight…savoring anew each gift as a remembrance. And I smile once again at the recollection of each of these moments:

126. son’s blossoming writing talent

127. pitter-patter of rain

128. children practicing their instruments

129. daughter as chef

130. Thanksgiving bounty

131. pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese glaze

132. budding photographer

133. husband’s strong embrace
134. husband enjoying his favorite tree decorations – colored lights, silver garland, and Shiny Brite ornaments

135. Christmas music
136. Ring the Bells by Travis Cottrell

137. Christmas beauty

138. productive shopping trip
139. finding just the right photo frame for my nephew’s 3 x 5 picture
140. unexpected visit from husband’s brother and his wife {Murray‘s parents}
141. participating in our church’s Advent reading

142. horsing around

143. baking Christmas cookies

144. pizza for dinner {a cookie baking day tradition}

145. mother-in-law’s cross-stitch gracing the walls of nearly every room

146. hearing giggles and silly-ness from children playing
147. children in bed on-time
148. snuggling with my man149. getting my once-every-nine-months haircut {desperately needed}

150. fifth grade band concert
151. little girls in white shirts and black skirts152. noticing that my boy had grown…again! {it happens overnight and a mother knows}
153. tape measure to prove that it was another 1/4 inch {just since Thanksgiving!}..topping off at 5′ 7″…at this rate he’ll be taller than me by his 13th birthday in March

154. husband and son sporting fresh haircuts too…so handsome {although not as dramatic since theirs happen every 6 weeks}

155. Advent reading each Sunday evening at home

156. enjoying each day of Advent…not letting the time or the significance slip away unnoticed

157. savoring anew each gift as a remembrance

Each week {well nearly every week}, I join Ann and others from the Gratitude Community, who have decided to intentionally notice and record the little gifts of grace that God bestows on us each day. Won’t you consider joining this life-changing endeavor?
About Shelli Bourque

An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Jessica says

    Beautiful Family.
    Love the Christmas scene Cross stitch.
    Your photos are also bright and warm…I want to sit at your table 🙂
    Happy Christmas