One Thousand Gifts: On Celebrating the Years and Enjoying NOW

I love to celebrate the years as they go by. One, two, three… Now my baby girl is up to nine, ten, eleven!

The years have gone by so quickly.

I don’t reflect on those years in tears, thinking nostalgically of tiny toes and baby coos. It is not that I don’t have fond memories of those days; I was there for every one of them, and delighted in that time. Rather, I have found that every new age my children reach is my favorite, and I have learned to enjoy them now.

The past is a sweet memory. The future is full of hope. But right now is the moment I have to enjoy. If I pine for days gone by, or if I long for the days ahead, I’ll miss the time I have right now. I’ll miss the little that is still left in my little girl. I’ll miss the maturing that is happening in my teenage boy. I’ll miss these days, these smiles, these tears, these questions, these discoveries, these heartaches, these triumphs.

At times, my hearts swells so big with love for my children that I think it might burst. We’ve had so many wonderful years together. While I reflect joyfully on the years gone by, I don’t want to to miss these moments to love them right now.

Today is the day to celebrate, because tomorrow will come and this moment to love will soon be only a memory.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24

Counting with joy today…

558. celebrating my daughter’s 11th birthday

559. the fun she had hosting an un-slumber party
560. sweet friends to make the night special
561. glow-light hunt after dark
562. hot cocoa with sprinkles to warm them up

563. girl giggles
564. birthday wishes from so many, including a special someone from church

565. sunset {because it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve seen a beautiful one}

566. sun rising earlier now that daylight savings has ended

567. no work emergencies while the boss was still out of town

568. no longer being in-chargeIn hope,

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