One Thousand Gifts: Coming Down from the Mountaintop

Christmas was glorious this year. One of the best ever!

Daughter agrees, which makes the sadness she now feels so troubling. It was even the first year that she wasn’t focused on the presents. She didn’t get her hopes up for one day; she enjoyed the entire month. She embraced Advent with all the promise of Scripture. The Messiah would be born! With remembrance we would celebrate.

Every day was relished. Every moment treasured. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were the culmination of weeks of preparation. We rejoiced and gloried in the gift of a Son.

So why the let down? Why the blues?

Her wise daddy tells her he knows just how she feels. When we have mountaintop experiences, it can be sad to return to the valley. But the best way to treat those feelings of sadness is to treasure up the moments with gratitude. To give thanks for the blessings given. This is how to take them with you.

I overhear his words. Yes, he is wise indeed.

I count with gratitude my own mountaintop moments, so that I might treasure them up and take them with me…

651. Christmas celebration house preparation – this term, coined by a sweet young lady from our faith-family, made cleaning the house so much more enjoyable!

652. powerful baritone voice of my brother-in-law singing Mary, Did You Know?

653. our family filling a pew at church

654. candlelight service

655. hugging family and friends and sharing “Merry Christmas” wishes

656. finally being able to buy the best gifts of all

657. daughter’s delight over waking up first and for the first time being able to wake her older brother on Christmas morning instead of the other way around

658. kids being completely satisfied with only three gifts

659. husband and I being just as satisfied with nothing from each other

660. time to savor the moments while waiting for family to arrive

661. the gift of a goat and two chickens!

662. a scrumptious meal

663. the lack of opened gifts piled up under the tree waiting to be used/put away {This was an unexpected benefit of our Christmas change. The excess always gets stuffed back under the tree until it’s time to pack up the decorations. This year the gifts were few, but immediately enjoyed.}

In hope,

This post is linked with the Gratitude Community at Holy Experience as I share my list of One Thousand Gifts.

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