Noticing the Gifts With Joy

What splendid joy is felt when noticing the gifts from God. What glorious honor is given when He is abundantly thanked.

Sharing a few of the gifts I noticed this week:

  • a vase full of flowers
  • celebrating 19 years of marriage to my man
  • an evening at the beach
  • my course books arriving
  • back-to-school shopping
  • old gift card finally spent
  • daughter as giddy over office supplies as I’m apt to be
  • heavy, soaking rain
  • cooler temps, open windows
  • lots of time to read
  • a new potted plant

To the glory of God I give thanks.

In hope,

This post is linked with the Gratitude Community at Holy Experience as I share my list of One Thousand Gifts.

About Shelli Bourque

An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Susan says

    Hi Shelli, I’m linking up from Multitudes on Monday. Blessings to you as you begin a new week. May God multiply your time, that you may get everything done. May He give you the ability to focus, and not be distracted by the insignificant cares of the day. And may He grant you rest, that you may face each day with plenty of energy!

    Susan in VA

  2. Beth says

    Jumped over from Ann’s and I too love to have lots of time to read. Wishing you many more years of celebrating marriage … we celebrated 39 years on August 10th!

    Blessings, Beth