My Boy

My firstborn will be fourteen this week.

It seems only yesterday that I was full with child. I was so anxious to meet him, to gaze upon his face, to hold him in my arms and whisper words of love to him.

Now I have to look up to gaze into his eyes. Now his arms wrap around me when we embrace.

But my whispers of love will never cease.

I love this boy of mine. I love the man he is becoming.

And I love his moments of silliness, like this one. He saw me taking pictures of the tulips and he bent down and peeked through them.

This is the boy I love.

In hope,

Sweet Shot Day

Among a number of  “wannabe” wishes, I would love to be a photographer. Not a pro. Just a decent amateur. This year I’m going to be more intentional about making that a reality. I hope this first link-up with Darcy will spur me on to practice, practice, practice.

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