Like the Stars in the Sky, So Are the Graces

When the habit of seeking the gifts soaks deep within and looking becomes living, gratitude for the small graces is like gazing at the twinkling little stars against a black sky.

At first the cares of the world make the stars hard to see. The way light pollution in the city washes out the brilliance of the stars, so too the joy-stealers of worry, fear, entitlement and selfishness keep the stars of grace hidden from our sight.

But seeking the face of God, being changed by Him, casting off our sinful nature – these are the journey into the country where the light pollution fades away and the stars not only become brighter, but they become more and more numerous.

We can no sooner count the graces of God than the stars in the sky.

But the joy of gratitude living makes it nearly impossible to stop the counting once we’ve come this far.

God helped me see many new stars this week. And of course, I counted them. #746 – #762

  • waking up my daughter every morning; her hair tussled about, covering her face; her smell
  • ice cold water, right out of the tap
  • puppy twitching in his sleep
  • sun glinting through the wind-blown pine tree

  • Buying a ticket!; husband’s encouragement to go; making “maybe” plans with a dear online friend
  • signing up for a photography eClass {I’ve been wanting to take a class locally but haven’t found anything. This class looks like a great place to start.}
  • being asked by a friend to pray; emails and phone calls that draw us close
  • learning to wait
  • birthday celebrations; peanut butter frosting; my boy; fourteen years being a mom

In hope,

About Shelli Bourque

An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Steve P says

    Reading your blog is one of my graces 🙂 Keep it up for God has given you a gift!

  2. Terri says

    I loved reading your list of blessings!

  3. Teena says

    I agree with Steve… great way to put it… reading your blog is one of my graces… I love your words.

    Been sinking lately. Need to touch the hem of His garment. Started reading Amom’s Adventure to the kids today… and I know I will learn so much through this fictional story… of the Resurrection… I wasn’t raised in church. My mom was catholic but looking back on things I didn’t even learn much…. catholicism. Not being raised in the church… left me not knowing much “history, rituals, customs etc. ” this book is showing me how they use to do it… which helps explain a lot. Sorry to go on and on…

    need to get back on track, draw close to Him….

    did I tell you I recieved my copy of “Made to Crave?” Haven’t started it yet. I am still behind on Ann’s book…. see …. just sinking.