I lie in bed at the end of a long day. My stomach rumbles long and low. Sleep won’t come quickly tonight as pains of hunger groan inside me.

My hunger is certainly a distraction, but not much more than that. Just a dozen steps away is a refrigerator and pantry full of food. I could easily get out of bed and have a quick snack, but I know I don’t need the extra calories. I’ve eaten enough for one day. I just stayed up too late so my body is calling out for nourishment to keep going. Since I will fall asleep soon enough, I choose to deny my body the sustenance it craves, knowing it will be no worse for wear come morning.

My thoughts drift to the children who are feeling the pains of hunger tonight. Thousands upon thousands of little ones who did not get enough food today. Or yesterday. Or the day before that.

They didn’t choose not to eat. There was no choice to make. There was not enough food. Perhaps no food. What does it feel like to experience such deep hunger, I wonder? Are they afraid? Have they lost all hope? What would they dream, if their minds could get past the thoughts of their hunger?

I fight back the tears as I consider the twelve thousand children who lost their life today from hunger.

That’s 12,000. Just today.

One child…

…every 7 seconds…

…will die from hunger-related causes.

No, sleep will not come quickly tonight. I think about the children. And it hurts too much.

If you would like to help the Least of These by providing donations for food, I encourage you to make a donation through World Vision.

In hope,

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