How to Not Miss the Gifts

What happens when gifts come along, but the timing is off?

When we are looking forward and waiting expectantly for the gifts we think are supposed to come, but suddenly we seem to be taking two steps back?

We are filled with disappointment at the loss of what should have been; and often we complain that things are not how they are supposed to be.

When we become absorbed by thinking that things are not how we want them to be, it blurs our vision to see the beauty in what is.

And we become blind to the gifts.

The calendar says it is Spring. We want warm weather. We want green grass. We want flowers to bloom.

Yet, if we take our eyes off the calendar and our minds off what should be, we are able to see what is. And we don’t miss the gifts of a snowstorm in March.

When we close our mouths to complaint and speak words of gratitude, we learn how to not miss the gifts.

And we are ever blessed to count them.

#777 – 790

  • a surprise storm that turned out to be the most beautiful of the “winter” season
  • heavy snow-laden trees
  • my favorite color {red} popping up everywhere against the white snow
  • red-breasted Robins, full with eggs, fluttering about everywhere
  • losing power most of the day, allowing me to enjoy the “snow day” with my family
  • warmth from our seldom-used, but trusty, heater

  • daylight lasting late into the evening to brighten our winter landscape
  • a slow drive in the country to soak the beauty in
  • a string of sunny days following the storm
  • time to read the owner’s manual to my camera {boring, but helpful stuff}
  • opportunities to use my camera as I had hoped for this week
  • participating in the photo composition eClass; and Kent Weakley, a great teacher
  • mom letting me talk her ear off {about photography, of course!}

Are you so absorbed with the shoulds and wants that you are blinded to the gifts in the what is? What gifts are you missing?

In hope,

About Shelli Bourque

An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Shelli!! I must confess my envy at such a beautiful snow! ; )

  2. Shelli – your heart is beautiful. Thank you for the reminder to see the gift of the present. And for a new perspective on March. Snow? (It hovered at 90 degrees in the Lone Star State this weekend).

    Your photography is gorgeous. Another gift from Him who gave us eyes to see. I’m grateful for you and that we are journeying through photography class and life’s lessons together.

  3. Teena says

    yes… beautifull. so often we miss the gifts…. I miss the gifts…

    Thank you so much for the reminder…..


    Much love

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful, Shelli! And your gratitude, contagious!

  5. Cora says

    The pictures are just gorgeous!!!! I especially liked that Robin sitting there all fluffed out and looking a bit crabby. I suspect he left my house (in Florida) a bit too early!!!! Your list was so beautiful and really revealed your heart. I’m so glad I stopeed by today! Such a blessing!