Helping Haiti

The images are almost surreal. From thousands of miles away, in the comfort of our sturdy and safe homes, it is hard to imagine the magnitude of the devastation in Haiti.

Here’s the big picture view.

Here’s the up close view.

Shocking, isn’t it?

And heartbreaking and mind-boggling.

But there is hope for Haiti…if we all help. A small donation goes a long way when it’s added to thousands of other donations. Together we can make a difference for Haiti by praying and giving.

If you have not financially supported the relief efforts yet, I want to encourage you to do so. There are a host of organizations that you can give to. We gave to World Vision’s Haiti Earthquake Relief fund. World Vision was in Haiti serving and helping the people immediately. On Friday, 18 tons of supplies were delivered to Haiti from World Vision and another flight is planned for this weekend. They also have 800 staff members in Haiti helping with relief efforts.

The average Haitian makes $1300 per year {that was before the earthquake}. Give wisely and generously.

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