Gifts That Give Twice

So, did you brave the shopping frenzy today? Not me! I stayed snuggled up warm in my bed, knowing that I could do most of my shopping online. And often the most thoughtful gifts are not found in the jammed aisles of a mega store. In fact, we’re doing a whole lot less shopping this year so that we can give more.

If you have made it home, or never left, and are looking for gifts that give a little extra, I encourage you to consider shopping for gifts that give twice: once to the receiver and once to the least of these.

Michelle at Some Girl’s Website has gathered a fantastic list of websites that sell fair trade products, or support various ministries. The videos that she has in this post are also worth watching!

And here are some gift suggestions for ministries that we personally support:

Bringing Home Beautiful Music CD

I shared this music with you a couple weeks ago. I continue to enjoy listening to the beautiful, worshipful lyrics and melodies. Written by Seth Primm, sales of this CD support the funding of their adoption of an Ethiopian girl. You can purchase the CD or dowload it from iTunes.

31 Bits

I just made my first 31 Bits purchase a couple weeks ago and am thrilled with my PB necklace. Not only is it inexpensive and beautiful, it also supports the livelihood of women in Uganda.

31 Bits Designs is a socially minded business designed to give internally displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to counter poverty. By giving our beneficiaries access to the international market, they are able to earn an instant income, providing homes, food, and education for their families. Our program equips women by providing literacy education, financial and vocational training, holistic care, and strong support systems, empowering individuals to further their careers and attain social equity.

31 Bits sells a variety of necklaces and bracelets starting at only $10!

The Mercy House Esty Shop

This is another ministry that I’ve shared with you before, but I didn’t go into detail about their great Etsy shop where you can purchase items that support the ministry. There are all sorts of items from handmade cards to camera straps to adorable knit caps for babies. Many of these items are donated so the site is updated frequently with new items.

And now you can purchase Mercy House jewelry at DaySpring! AND…there is a 30% off coupon good until November 30.

World Vision Gift Catalog

At the top of my Christmas list this year is a goat! Yep, that’s right, a GOAT! No kidding. What an honor it would be to have a goat be donated in my name to a family in need. Or even chickens or ducks.

We shop the World Vision Catalog almost every month, but we are really excited about the gift giving we can do with it this Christmas. Our kids are looking forward to a new tradition that we plan to start this year: a special World Vision shopping trip on Christmas Eve! They are already pouring over the catalog, trying to decide what we should give to the least of these.

But did you know, the World Vision Maximum Impact Fund allows you to purchase a gift for a loved one and still give to the wonderful ministries of World Vision?! There are necklaces, bracelets, books, plush toys, and a beautiful handmade Thai handbag.

Happy shopping and happier giving!

If you know of gifts that give twice, please share!

In hope,

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