Getting Carried Away

This gratitude journey has been doubly meaningful as I have been able to capture the graces with my camera. I relish the taking and the making of a photograph, and I am often thankful twice.

That said, this post probably needs a warning: there are lots and lots of pictures!

It is no secret that I love flowers and new blooms open every few days in my garden. I get carried away sometimes. Forgive me if it’s too much. It has been three weeks after all, so I have a lot of gratitude to share.

But though there are a lot of flower images, there are a few others as well. Just keep scrolling. 🙂

Counting the graces, full of gratitude…

#925 – 959

  • crabapple tree flowers

I couldn’t get enough of them

Almost done…

  • green and white colors reminding me of the “green room” at my grandparents’ house in Canada {This is what we called one of the bedrooms because of its green and white flowered wallpaper. Another bedroom was called the “orange room”.}

Last one… (and that’s not even half of what I took)

  • iris

  • columbine

  • visit from my dad
  • shopping at the Italian market with him; tasty treats
  • middle school band concert; impressive performances
  • making our own cake pops
  • disastrous first attempt; chocolate splattered everywhere; noticing splatters on the ceiling a week later!

  • trying again; success!

  • patriotic pops!

  • Bakerella’s book

  • husband making the best steak and garlic mashed potatoes ever
  • a cozy place to rest

  • the view from this bench; azaleas; fuschia

  • capturing the mist; fun in the sun

  • her smile

  • and playfulness

  • pup asking (whimpering) to go for a walk; his enthusiasm when I say yes
  • cool evening walks after hot sunny days
  • holding hands
  • long talk on the phone with my mom
  • lilacs; their beautiful fragrance

  • finally some time to process all the images I’ve taken these past few weeks; Lightroom!

I don’t think it’s possible to get carried away with the counting. Like grains of sand, so are God’s blessings. Like stars in the sky, so are His graces.

So, have you tried cake pops? They are as delicious as they are fun!

In hope,

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