Frustrated Enough to Give

I’m struggling with this post today, I think in large part, because I am frustrated.

Watch and see.

I am frustrated with the media that blows some issues way out of proportion, while ignoring others. I am frustrated by the politics that are behind what stories are covered. I am frustrated that I didn’t know the extent of disease and hunger and death in the world. I am frustrated that for most of my life I really didn’t care.

I am not an uncaring person. But I was unconcerned about the suffering in the world. It was all too easy to have a narrow view of the world, to keep the blinders on.

Now the blinders are off. Now I see. Now I can join in the chorus of giving. Now I can make a difference. Now I can experience the joy.

That’s what keeps me going in this Friday space; that’s what keeps me wanting to share with you opportunities to join the chorus, too.

Last week, Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like asked his readers to give just $10 to purchase a mosquito net to save a life from malaria. I know he’s a big time blogger with a huge following, but it took thousands of people joining together in song to donate over $32,000 in just 24 hours. That’s 3,200 lives saved because people took off their blinders and responded. And it’s not too late to give.

What frustrates you the most about the suffering in the world? Does it compel you to turn away feeling helpless, or to give in hope?

In hope,

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