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It’s been three months since I began For the Least of These Fridays. Not so very long, but long enough for me to know that now it is time to stop.

Not because the journey has come to an end. Quite the contrary, I think this is still just the beginning. But it is time for the Fridays to end.

I thought the weekly schedule would help my writing by providing a routine. But I am finding that it hinders it. My writing words don’t flow easily. Sometimes a flurry of words will come to mind, but they don’t find their way to the keyboard because in the back of my mind I think, “I have to work on my Friday post first; that’s the must do.” My conscientiousness to fulfill my commitment stunts my creativity. And not being a particularly creative person, I can’t afford to encumber any creativity with a schedule of my own making.

In my very organized and routine life, I need this blog to be a space of flexibility, a place where I have room to breathe.

Furthermore, I want to be able to write about the least of these on a Tuesday or Thursday, instead of having to wait until Friday. I may even decide to write about them twice in one week! I don’t intend for this blog to be only about the least of these. But as much as they are a part of my journey they will naturally be part of writing journey. I don’t know where this road is headed. What more can I do? What more should I do? What opportunities will come along? What opportunities should I seek out? I don’t know. In many ways I know less about what is around the next bend on this path than any others that I have taken. Honestly, it’s rather unsettling because I am such a planner. But in some ways it is a relief because I know God can use me more for His glory when I am not trying to hold the reins. Like this blog, I suspect that serving the least of these will require flexibility. I’m continuing to walk one step at a time, seeking the Lord as I go.

For those of you who have walked next to me on Fridays, I thank you for joining me. I have seen new faces, been touched by your stories, and encouraged by your words. I hope you’ll continue to watch for my Least of These stories intermingled with others that are stirring up inside me. May you faithfully serve Him on your own journey for the least of these; and link-up or not, I would be so blessed if you’d share your stories with me.

In hope,

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