Doubly Blessed: 18 Years and 840 Miles

The sultry days of August have arrived and we’re taking them slowly, soaking in the last weeks of summer before the sun wanes to the south and we welcome the cooler air of autumn.

A heat wave in July has made the August air feel surprisingly refreshing. A pair of special weekends has been no less refreshing.

It’s easy to be thankful these days. There are many blessings to add to my list of gifts:

18 years

#1075 – 1085

  • eighteen years of marriage to this incredible man

  • our love never waning
  • my very best friend
  • celebrating with a day for just the two of us
  • kids having their own fun at a youth group getaway; hospitable church friends
  • a long drive along the eastern edge of the thumb; antique shops aplenty
  • sitting along the shore near the bridge; resting quietly; watching for freighters

840 miles

We took our second vacation of the summer. Just a long weekend road trip: 3 days and 840 miles traveled. We toured Michigan’s upper west coast – Ludington, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, Petoskey – and then came back home through the center of the state, with a stop at Hartwick Pines. Oh my, was it a great trip!

{warning: a ridiculous number of photos to follow}

#1086 – 1136

  • my man mapping out a great trip; lots of new places to see; making memories; making photos
  • returning to Ludington with the kids
  • an old auto garage turned into the cutest boutique


  • the shores of Lake Michigan
  • family together-time; my favorite people

  • beautiful beaches
  • hiking along the shoreline

  • lighthouses

  •  son giving his sister a lift

  • a surprise rumble from the water as more than a dozen wave runners speed by

  • driving to our next destination; flower-lined streets; quaint towns; drawbridges; rolling farmland
  • sunset on the water

  • an incredible stand of pine trees – the coloring, the lighting

  • a subdivision of darling cottages

  • breathtaking views
  • Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes; lots of climbing; historic buildings

  • the farm of my dreams

  • the roar of the waves crashing
  • feeling very small next to it all (a good reminder now and again)

  • rain only at night; gorgeous weather every day; reaching our next destination just in time to catch another sunset on the water

  • tourist towns with beautiful downtown shopping; unique stores; memorable alleys

  • searching for Petoskey stones; horsing around

  • cottage after amazing cottage; some not so small; having a giggle over their $2-$6 million dollar price tags
  • waterfront parks
  • highway M-119; stores in the middle of nowhere
  • Hartwick Pines; towering pine trees; old growth forest; sunlight
  • lots of laughter; lots of memories – one of the best vacations ever
  • coming home early; an extra vacation day at home

In hope,

About Shelli Bourque

An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Teena says

    Wow what amazing pics!!

    Thanks for allowing me to peek in on your trip!

    Love the brother/sister pic…

    Much love.

  2. Visiting from Multitudes on Mondays. I really enjoyed your list of gratitutes complete with such lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures and praises.

  3. wow, the pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and clear. thanks for sharing and i love your blog.
    stay blessed and take care always.