Demystifying Biblical Counseling

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As you chat with people after church, a friend confides that she and her husband are having verbal battles every day.

A sister calls and shares that she found drugs in her son’s bedroom.

Your daughter comes home from school and cries on your shoulder over hurtful words tossed her way by the mean girls.

Every day brings opportunities to counsel others. Is your counsel biblical?

What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling means that the counsel given is based on the truths of the Bible. As a Christian, I believe that the Bible speaks to the problems of life. It reveals our nature, and addresses the sin that is part of that nature. It speaks to our suffering and offers comfort. It speaks to the heart-breaking situations posed above.

The Bible is not a textbook that offers a simple fix for life’s struggles. Instead, the Bible reveals a person – Jesus Christ – who offered His own life that we might receive salvation. Our relationship with Christ allows us to see our lives through a new lens, and our union with Christ provides the power for lasting change. It is God Himself who brings about change in our hearts as we humbly submit to His Word.

Sometimes the pressure of life is so great, the conflict with others is so confusing, the cycle of sin so painful, that focused counseling in an office setting is a wise and helpful means of sorting through the rubble and bringing a light of hope, and ultimately change. This office setting is best in the Church, for this is the context that God has chosen for change.

Yet, biblical counseling is just as vital and valuable in the everyday relational moments of life. In short conversations, in words of encouragement, in walking along with another and carrying their burdens.  It can take place over coffee, while watching a little league game, or in a small group setting among friends.

Counseling is not scary. You are already giving counsel and receiving counsel. Biblical counseling is for you.

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