Canvas Worthy

Several months ago, I was the fortunate winner of a 16 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas from Artistic Photo Canvas through Sweet Shot Tuesday!

After my initial excitement and “I can’t believe I won” exclamations, I quickly got myself into a tizzy over what photo I would choose for my winning canvas.

Would I give it as a gift? To whom? Of what?

Maybe keep it for myself? But what photo should I choose?

After deciding to keep it for my myself, I realized my real concern was thinking that none of my photos were canvas worthy. Remember, I’m the newbie photographer, just in my first year of learning how to make an image. I even contacted APC to find out the expiration date of my discount code. They graciously said I had a year!

After four months, I have finally made my choice. Tada!

This is one image from the farm I fell in love with while on vacation last month. Note, I am not a farm girl. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with this gorgeous barn, except use it as a backdrop for photos. 😉 But the barns, the land, the proximity to the sand dunes and Lake Michigan. I was captivated by it. More than any property has ever captivated me before. It touched a nerve and still has me dreaming.

I want to remember that farm. And now I can, in a special way. Through an image that I made. An image that captures the beauty as I remember it, and takes me back there with merely a glance.

Oh, I’m sure in another year I will have learned more about photography and I’ll see how I could have changed an angle, or corrected the processing. But this image is where I am now. And I don’t want to be afraid to accept my skill level as it is, and just enjoy it.

Because if I give into that fear, then no image I make will ever be canvas worthy.

In hope,

P.S. Thank you Darcy and APC for this very special gift. I will truly treasure it.

Sweet Shot Day

Among a number of  ”wannabe” wishes, I would love to be a photographer. Not a pro. Just a decent amateur. This year 
I’m am being more intentional about making that a reality. Linking up Darcy is one way to share my photomaking journey.

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An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Eric says

    A photo almost as beautiful as the one who made it…LOVE YOU!

  2. Tonya says

    Beautiful Shot! The colors are gorgeous!

  3. Emily says

    What a beautiful choice! The color is amazing. I am in the same boat as I bought a Groupon for a canvas and I don’t know what photo to pick that would be canvas worthy. I am a newbie photographer too. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your words of wisdom.

  4. April says

    Gorgeous photo… good choice 🙂 I think it’s totally canvas worthy.