Blog Hop ’10 {I always did like to dance}

A little something new and fun today . . . I’m joining in a Blog Hop hosted by Robin. I hear it’s a great way to meet new people. Ever the shy one, I think this is a fabulously comfortable way to stick out my hand and say, “Nice to meet you!” (Although I’ve been known to give a hug when meeting an online friend in real life.)

So, fellow Blog Hopper, let me give you a quick introduction by way of the cliff notes version of my About Me page:

I’m Shelli, the hopeful one whose words spill onto the pages of this blog.

More than anything, I’m just an ordinary girl who worships an extraordinary God.

Along the way, I was given the gift of my husband, Eric. We’ve been married seventeen years and we are one another’s favorite person in the whole world.

Our children are close seconds. At thirteen and ten, they keep our lives hopping, and filled with more joy than we could have imagined.


– I really like reading, flowers, ice cream, walks, watching people grow in Christ, colorful skies, taking pictures, and my husband’s chocolate chip cookies.

– I do not drink coffee . . . I know, that just cost me dozens of readers! But wait, I do have a Keurig, so I could brew you a perfect cup of coffee in a variety of flavors. And I would enjoy smelling it. Especially if you choose hazelnut. And I’ll drink water.

– I am introverted and shy, but I’ll talk your head off once I feel comfortable to open up.

– I am a pretty serious person, but have learned to not take myself too seriously. I’m pretty quirky. And nerdy. In a good way. Really.

I’m so glad you stopped by and I would enjoy getting to know you. You can also find me at Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Hopping!

In hope,

About Shelli Bourque

An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.