The Party

In January, before my blog was born, there was a story in my heart... Imagine you’re at a party. A party like one you would have in a dream, where there is no beginning – you just realize you are there. You don’t remember getting an invitation. You certainly don’t remember giving an RSVP that you would come. You don’t even know when you arrived. But there you are none-the-less. You don’t feel strange being there. It’s rather comfortable really. You recognize the surroundings, and they are familiar to you. You’re not sure how long you’ve even been there, but that doesn’t really matter. … [Read more...]

A Rite of Passage

My daughter, who is one of the tallest in her class, despite the fact that she is probably the youngest, is still very much a little girl. At nine-years-old, she still sleeps with her favorite doll, Sarah, and takes her on every trip. And as a little girl, she is not even a girly-girl. She likes very sensible clothes, and does not like dresses, except the simple cotton ones from Lands' End. She has NEVER played with make-up (my Mary Kay heart be still!), nor does she want to wear nail polish. Has never asked. Not once! We've only recently begun talking about getting her ears pierced, but even … [Read more...]

What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Now that my blog is born, what will it be when it grows up? This is one of the questions I pondered last week. At first I intended to have it be exclusively for our Siesta Summer Bible Study. But as I browsed other blogs, I thought it would be fun to expand its scope. I'm not sure exactly what it will grow to be, but I have decided to include my experiences with motherhood and trying to live a God-glorifying life. There are some fabulous blogs that mothers started when their children were born that document all the milestones of their young lives. I hesitated to join in with that sort of … [Read more...]

A Blog is Born

A blog is a serious thing, when you're a serious girl like me. Until a year ago, I had never read a blog. Until a week ago, I had no interest in writing one. But here it is - a newborn blog. The conception of the blog was about as quick as that of my firstborn. I had been planning on doing Beth Moore's Siesta Summer Bible Study for over a month. Nothing big, just me and mom doing the thing together. Then I read the info post and felt pressed to start an online small group of sorts. I guess after years of leading Beth's studies at my church, it didn't seem right to do this one on my own. … [Read more...]