Hi, I’m Shelli, the hopeful one whose words spill onto the pages of this blog.

Shelli Bourque About

I’m a lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. I hope you’ll find rest in the simplicity of this place.

I’m a beauty seeker and image-maker. You’ll find my photos intertwined with my words. Sometimes they go together, often they don’t.

I write words of hope, words of grace, words of exhortation. Words I hope will encourage you to grow in grace. This is the beat of my heart. My words are not set on a grand stage, but in the ordinary everyday because this is where the grace-life is lived.

My Story

In a nutshell, I am an elder brother who accepted the Father’s invitation to join the celebration of the prodigal. Even as a believer, it took me years to understand God’s grace. While I still have to battle a works-based mentality from time to time, I’ve been changed from the inside out by the Spirit, through the Word.

I’m really just an ordinary girl who worships an extraordinary God. Anything good in me is merely a reflection of Him. Left to my own devices, my sin flourishes. It is by grace alone that I was found by God and became His. I met Jesus when I was about seven, began following Him purposefully at thirteen, and passionately pursued Him at thirty. And I’ve been following hard after Him ever since. I’m forty-five, by the way, in case you were wondering.

Us - ShelliBourque

My Family

Along the way, I was given the gift of my husband, Eric. My first sweetheart! We are equally yoked, always learning and growing together. We’ve been married over twenty years and we are one another’s favorite person in the whole world.

Our children are close seconds. At twenty and seventeen, they keep our lives hopping, and filled with more joy than we could have imagined. We laugh at their quirkiness, wrestle with the issues they are forced to face at far too young an age, purposefully teach them to have a biblical worldview, and snuggle with them on the couch as often as they let us. Yep, it’s a full life.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stuff and Fluff

– I like reading, flowers, ice cream, walking, colorful skies, making pictures, and my husband’s chocolate chip cookies.

– I do not drink coffee. But I would enjoy smelling yours, especially if it’s hazelnut. And I’ll drink water.

– I am introverted, and have finally realized this doesn’t mean I’m deficient; it just means I’m different.

– I tend to be a serious person, but have learned to not take myself too seriously.

I’m so glad you’re here and I would enjoy getting to know you. Feel free to join in the discussion and share how you’re growing in grace. You can also find me at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you wish to send me a personal message, please email me at Shelli {at} ShelliBourque {dot} com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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