A Little Spring Bokeh

Ahh, May. My favorite month of the year!

No matter how long and dreary our winter may be, Spring is sure to make an appearance come May. This year is no exception. In fact, an especially harsh winter makes May even more welcome this year. I intend to embrace every glorious minute of it.

With Spring comes sun, warmth, rain, and new growth. And for a flower fanatic, such as myself, plenty of photomaking opportunities.

Our crabapple tree is a week or two from blooming, but I still love the tiny light green leaves and new buds pushing through.

I was also very excited about the beautiful sunlight bokeh. This is best I’ve ever captured!

What is bokeh?

Bokeh is the soft blurry background that happens when your focal point is captured with the aperture wide open and a shallow depth of field. Huh? I’ll let Darcy explain it. I’m just thrilled to capture it.

What are you capturing this Spring?

In hope,

Sweet Shot Day

Among a number of  ”wannabe” wishes, I would love to be a photographer. Not a pro. Just a decent amateur. This year
I’m am being more intentional about making that a reality. Linking up Darcy is one way to share my photomaking journey.


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