A Little Something New

After taking a little blog break, I am ready to post my continuing list of One Thousand Gifts tomorrow.

But before I do, I need to do a little test-run on a behind-the-scenes change to my blog. Drum roll, please {my daughter is a new percussion band student!}… I have changed my comment system from the standard Blogger platform to Disqus.

I know some of you dear readers are avid bloggers and this won’t faze you a bit. You’ve probably already used this platform at Bring the Rain and MckMama. But for the rest of you, I don’t want this to scare you away from commenting.

The main reason for the change is that Blogger only offers a *flat* commenting platform, meaning that I can only respond to comments by inserting my own comment further down the list {ha! Not that my comment lists are long, but I’m thinking growth here}. Disqus, on the other hand, uses a *threaded* comment format, so I’ll be able to *reply* to your comments in a conversation-style platform. You’ll even be able to converse with one another, which will be great if we decide to do another Siesta Small Group again. {I’m sorry if this isn’t making any sense. It will when you see it in action.}

Another neat feature of Disqus is that if you decide to create your own Disqus account {this no different than having a Blogger account, so don’t be scared}, you’ll be able to see all of your comments across multiple blogs. I think you’ll also be able to see replies to your comments as well. If you don’t want to use Disqus, you can also comment using your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Pretty neat, huh? And you can even use the Guest option, which requires no sign-in at all.

So, if you’re up late tonight, or early Monday morning, and care to help me test this new little gadget, I’d be most grateful.

Bless you all, dear ones.

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