A Crazy Big Dream and a Crazy Big Giveaway

I discovered a crazy lady this week. I love her already and I know you will, too! And don’t worry, she wouldn’t be the least bit offended being called crazy; her life is full of crazy! She is Kari Gibson of My Crazy Adoption and she has a crazy giveaway going on right now – a Missions Trip Scholarship to Ethiopia! Here are the exciting details in her own words:

{My Crazy Adoption Giveaway}

You may have dreamed of going on a missions trip, but raising money, resources, time, and maybe a little fear have kept you from stepping out in faith and living the God dream.  This is YOUR opportunity to travel to Africa and make a difference in the life of an orphan.  I’m jumping for joy for you… I don’t want you to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The party starts today!!  I am giving away 1 Missions Trip Scholarship to Ethiopia for my trip  February 17-26th with Visiting Orphans!!!!!!! YES YES YES you heard me right. I’m giving away a missions trip!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO I can hardly stand it!!! God gave me the dream and I’m scared to death (literally my hands are shaking writing this).  Of course, I will need your help and participation to make this dream come true.  My Crazy Adoption needs to sell a minimum of 183 Simply Love tees to scholarship 1 winner to Ethiopia! (value $3,100.00) You have the opportunity starting today to purchase any Simply Love tee – 5 new designs and enter the Missions Trip Giveaway!!!  This craziness has never been done before in blog land!!

1 Simply Love Tee = 1 Entry

You can buy 1, 5, or 20 tees… its ALL up to you!!!!  Enter to win every week until the blitz ends!!  Here’s what’s even more exciting, if you can’t travel to Ethiopia in February, you can buy a tee and enter a family member, a friend, a co-worker… anyone who has been dreaming about going on a missions trip!!!!!!   Also, you can buy a tee just to help us reach the 183 tee goal.  Everyone can be a special part of this Missions Project!!!   In fact, the more tee shirts you purchase, the more orphans you will impact. If we raise above and beyond the missions trip scholarship… I will donate the funds to Project 61 and Visiting Orphans Ministry, who impact orphans living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Korah Dump. My dream is for My Crazy Adoption Blog and you, the beautiful bloggers to sponsor children off the dump and provide an education!! Project 61 is making dreams come true for so many children, changing lives, and making a difference for eternity.

What do I win exactly?

  • 1 missions trip to Ethiopia with Visiting Orphans
  • Value $3,100.00
  • this includes everything – application payment, airfare, food and accommodations.  The payment for the trip will be made directly to Visiting Orphans Ministry.

(please read official giveaway rules)

If your heart right now is pounding and your hands are sweaty, I want to challenge you to DO IT AFRAID!!!!  I waited 42 years to go on my first missions trip, so I understand about being afraid. If you are afraid, that’s OK… just do it afraid and God will do the rest through you! We are ALL called to simply love.

To enter this giveaway you must purchase a Simply Love Tee shirt on My Crazy Adoption Store starting 10/6/10 through 10/28/10. 1 entry per shirt… the amount of entries is up to you!!

A Little Crazy Myself

I know I have at least hinted, but I don’t remember if I’ve actually said it: I have a crazy dream to go on a missions trip like this. And that pretty brown tee shirt up there – yep, that’s the one I chose to enter this giveaway. I am a bundle of excitement and fear right now. But Kari’s challenge to DO IT AFRAID really encouraged me. Isn’t doing things in fear and having to step out in FAITH what the Christian life is all about? Isn’t this what it takes to live radically?

Kari received so many orders that in just three days she was able to give away one trip! Now she’s working on round two. If she’s crazy anything, I’d say she’s CRAZY GENEROUS! She needs to sell about 100 more shirts for the second trip (the one I entered). I know she can do it, but she needs our help. Maybe you have a crazy dream of your own to go on a missions trip. If not, buy a shirt anyway and enter ME! Either way, it will add a little craziness to your day. And I think we all could use that now and again.

So, have you ever dreamed of going on a missions trip? What crazy thing did you do in fear and FAITH?

In hope,

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