A Blog is Born

A blog is a serious thing, when you’re a serious girl like me.

Until a year ago, I had never read a blog. Until a week ago, I had no interest in writing one. But here it is – a newborn blog.

The conception of the blog was about as quick as that of my firstborn. I had been planning on doing Beth Moore’s Siesta Summer Bible Study for over a month. Nothing big, just me and mom doing the thing together. Then I read the info post and felt pressed to start an online small group of sorts. I guess after years of leading Beth’s studies at my church, it didn’t seem right to do this one on my own. And in forming an online small group I secretly hoped that my BFF who left me for Texas (sometimes I’d leave me for Texas too, just to be in Beth Moore country), would join in and it would be like old times (she was my faithful critic after every week and I dearly missed her this year). So in an instant, starting a blog seemed like the only thing to do.

The pregnancy was much like my real ones. I drove my husband crazy talking about it incessantly, and asking a million questions: What do I name it, and why is every good name that I think of already taken? Should it be just for the summer bible study, or do I go bigger in scope? Who will read it? What layout do I choose? What bible verse do I quote? I had some ideas that started small and got really big (like a growing belly – ha, I didn’t even have to think hard about that comparison – it just popped in my head!), but I lost sleep two nights in a row trying to make decisions. At this point, you could say I was laboring over it (that one took more thought).

Then a funny thing happened – we lost power. Now this is funny in a weird sort of way because it was a perfectly sunny, calm day and only about 70 houses lost power (not much more than my sub), and funny in a humorous way because without electricity my husband could not work and he was forced to focus on my project until everything was settled (I like things to be settled, it just makes me feel good). Maybe God decided it was settled, too, because not five minutes later the power came back on. Weird, huh? As for my husband, I think he was relieved that gestation was only a week instead of nine months!

The final push is this very first post, and with the click of an orange button that says “Publish Post”, a blog is born. Welcome to the world, little one. I think I am going to love you.

P.S. The layout is in the simplest of forms while it awaits a makeover from Fabulous K Creative. I realize my birthing analogy falls apart here. A newborn baby NEVER needs a makeover. God makes each one just right the first time!

About Shelli Bourque

An ordinary girl living by the grace of life in Christ. Adoring wife and mom. Lover of quiet places and uncluttered spaces. Beauty seeker and image maker.


  1. Mary says

    Congratulations on your new blog! It's so sweet and new, and has a strong resemblance to you!

    (I couldn't resist)